The Copernicus Data Hubs compose the layer of services that is responsible for disseminating the Copernicus Sentinel data taken directly from the Copernicus Ground Segment to the European mirror sites, the International organizations that have agreements with ESA, the Copernicus DIAS services and to any other services and organizations that has an agreement with ESA


The objective of the Data Hubs is to offer highly available and distributed services for disseminating Petabytes of satellite data to other European and international services. The availability of the services reaches 100%. All Data Hubs provide a uniform way of locating and downloading products through a web interface, an OData API as well as an OpenSearch API


1. International Access Hub
Disseminates data to international organizations that have agreements with ESA (e.g. NASA, NOAA, USGS, Geoscience Australia)
2. Collaborative Access Hub
Disseminates Sentinel data to the collaborative ground segment services, which include the national mirror sites and the DataHub relays
3. DIAS Access Hub
Provides data to the Copernicus Data and Information Access Services.
4. AfricaCast Hub
Provides Sentinel-3 data over Africa to EUMETSAT





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