DRR: Disaster Risk Reduction Using Innovative Data Exploitation Methods and Space Assets


2015-2018, CCN:201521496

72.900 EUR (NOA Budget)/300.000 EUR (Overall Budget)



The project exploited the infrastructure and research developed in the BEYOND Center of Excellence (pillar GeoHub) and the network of stakeholders maintained by the GEO-CRADLE coordination and support action. The project addressed scientific objectives as:

  1. Provide evidence based indications on how current space assets and EO data exploitation platforms offer optimum contribution to user organizations involved in Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).
  2. Assess the needed developments in terms of space assets which are required to further progress into the successful exploitation of EO based products in DRM/DRR domains.

The research team of BEYOND/NOA contributed in the support of User Consultation meetings, Definition of User Needs and priorities in relation to DRR, the analysis of contribution of new satellite assets and ICT technologies in DRR, the development of SW tools to facilitate the interferometric processing of satellite SAR data on cloud (the TEP geo-hazard platform), and showcased how the processing developments on cloud could effectively exploit satellite data in conjunction with navigation/positioning data (GPS/GLONASS) for assessing the volcanic/seismic activity over extended territorial sites.