Project Number: ESA AO/1- 11931/23/I-DT
Project Acronym: ASIMOV

General information
Project title: AI Sees the fIre froM abOVe
Starting date: 05/03/2024
Duration in months: 12
Budget NOA: 120,050 Euro

Type of action: EXPRO+ Tender (ITT)
Call (part) identifier: 1-11931
Topic: AI Trustworthy Applications for Climate
Keywords: AI

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Satellite Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) play a vital role in monitoring Earth's climate system. However, their coarse spatial resolution often hinders their effectiveness in localized applications like wildfire management. In order to tackle this challenge, the BEYOND EO Centre of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) launched the ASIMOV project. Funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) in the frame of the AI-Trustworthy Applications for Climate, ASIMOV aims to revolutionize wildfire management through the power of AI. It is led by NOA and supported by the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) of the National Technical University of Athens and WIRELESSINFO

By employing AI super-resolution techniques, ASIMOV will essentially generate high-resolution versions of ECVs revealing finer details crucial for pinpointing and predicting wildfires. The project focuses on two key use cases:

  • Real-time Fire Detection: Through super-resolution, ASIMOV aims to significantly improve the accuracy and granularity of fire detection systems. This translates to faster and more precise identification of active fires, enabling authorities to take swift action and minimize damage.
  • Wildfire Risk Prediction: By downscaling ECVs like precipitation and carbon monoxide, ASIMOV plans to enhance the prediction of future wildfire risk. This empowers authorities to proactively prepare for potential wildfires and implement preventative measures.