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Project Acronym: DRE

General information
Project title: Destination Renewable Energy: Renewable energy solutions using DESP data and tool
Starting date: 10/11/2023
Duration in months: 12

Type of action: ESA Tender
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Budget NOA: 179.850 €


Founded by: RHEA System S.p.A. / ESA

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Destination Renewable Energy (DRE) is one of the Use Cases to be implemented as part of the Destination Earth Service Platform (DESP). Energy is at the heart of the challenge of achieving both the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on climate change. Renewable energy systems (solar and wind) are weather and climate dependent, so the transition to clean energy requires improved climate information and services for the energy sector. Climate services and satellite data are means that can be used to develop applications to ensure the resilience of energy systems to climate-related shocks and inform energy efficiency measures.

The main objective of the Destination Renewable Energy (DRE) Use Case is to develop the Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting System (HYREF), a hybrid (solar and wind) application that could provide renewable energy forecasts in different time scales. HYREF will act as a decision support system, aiming at maximising the use of DESP data and tools to provide actionable and meaningful information for policy and decision making in support of the green and digital transformation, using applications in the field of energy and climate change. The application will be developed and include a demonstration of end-user portfolio benefits optimization, based on existing or planned solar and wind energy infrastructure. Furthermore, the final application will provide spatial upscaling options based on the DESP data coverage.

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