Project Number: 101134335
Project Acronym: EuroGEOSec

General information
Project title: Establishing the EuroGEO Secretariat to support the EuroGEO initiative
Starting date: 01/12/2023
Duration in months: 24

Type of action: Coordination and Support Action
Call (part) identifier: HORIZON-CL6-2023-GOVERNANCE-01
Topic: HORIZON-CL6-2023-GOVERNANCE-01-10 Support to EuroGEO initiative coordination/establishing a EuroGEO secretariat
Keywords: Earth Observation / Services and applications, Environmental monitoring systems; EuroGEO; GEO; Environmental observations; EU policy contributions; priorisation of R&I funding; EuroGEO sustainability & legal/business models; combining, cooperating and coordinating

Budget NOA: 329.250 €



EuropeanCommissionLogoFunded by: European Commission

The EuroGEO secretariat will be strengthening GEO-related coordination mechanisms at European and national levels. The focus will be on supporting increased innovation, space application development and the reinforcement of a space data ecosystem concept within Europe, whilst pursuing international cooperation to help stimulate the market and promote European technology and services. The EuroGEO secretariat will be contributing to the European Green Deal objectives by further deploying and exploiting the use of environmental observations and to a strengthened Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS).

More specifically, the secretariat will provide:

  • Support to the EuroGEO community, including supporting and cooperating with the EuroGEO Action Groups, on innovation and services and where possible link with existing and future the GEO/EuroGEO infrastructure components.
  • Establishment of organisational support, e.g., coordination of EuroGEO communication activities and events. This includes the increase of synergies among EU funded projects in the context of environmental observations and other topics related to EuroGEO, providing a solid base for evidence-informed allocation of EU research funding through sound monitoring of ongoing research funding activities in Europe and beyond.
  • A more developed and better monitored execution of the EuroGEO Implementation Plan in the GEO Work Programme and visibility and exposure to European lead Flagships and Initiatives in the global GEO WP - linking their thematic products and services to relevant European Policy priorities. This includes support to preparing the contribution of EuroGEO to the next GEO Strategic Plan covering the period post-2025.
  • Assistance to the development of a sustainability concept for the EuroGEO initiative.
  • Further developed research policies, guidelines and where possible standards in close relation with the EC Knowledge Centre on Earth Observation.