BEYOND at ESA – ECMWF Workshop on Machine Learning for Earth Observation and Prediction, 7-10/5/2024, Italy

Stela Girtsou, our Research Associate joined ESA-ECMWF Workshop on Machine Learning for Earth Observation and Prediction that was held 7-10 May 2024 in Frascati, Italy. Among insightful presentations and fruitful discussions on the fast-paced advancements in MachineLearning for Earth System Observation and Prediction, Stella on May 7th presented BEYOND's Next Day Fire forecasting service by initiating an engaging dialogue with participants around her poster entitled “Machine Learning for Next-Day Wildfire Prediction: Classic approach Metric Learning and Image Segmentation”.


About the event

The workshop aimed to explore how machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) techniques are enhancing Earth System Observation and Prediction (ESOP) featuring presentations and discussions on the fusion of ML/DL with traditional ESOP techniques, aiming to showcase impact, address challenges, and propose future directions.


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