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Conference Material - Presentations and Videos | Reports and Conclusions
Opening Session and Introductory Statement, Chair: Prof. C. Zerefos
1.1 Introduction about National Observatory of Athens and the first Mirror Site of ESA's Sentinels at NOA, Prof. Kanaris TSINGANOS, NOA Not Available
1.2  A summary of the Greek GEO Office Activities, Dr. Evangelos GERASOPOULOS, NOA


1.3 EO research funding opportunities within H2020 Social Challenges "Climate action, environment, resource efficiency, and raw materials", Dr. Michael BERGER, European Commission [Presentation]
 1.4 GEO in the next decade: an increased focus on the regional dimension, Dr. Giovanni RUM, GEO Secretariat [Presentation]
 1.5 The BEYOND Project, Dr. Charalabos (Haris) KONTOES, NOA [Presentation]
Plenary Session I: Balkan EO Networks & Infrastructures, EO based Societal Services , Chair: Prof. K. Tsinganos, Rapporteur: Dr. I. Papoutsis
2.1 From EO observations and data Sharing to Early Warnings: the technological Platform Dewetra, ALBANIA, Dr. Paolo Fiorucci, CIMA Foundation [Presentation]
2.2 The Activities of SRTI-BAS related toGEO initiative, BULGARIA, Dr. Hristo NIKOLOV, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences [Presentation]
2.3 Earth Observation Ativities in Greece, GREECE, Dr. Ifigenia KERAMITSOGLOU, National Observatory of Athens [Presentation]
2.4 Remote sensing activities in Romania , ROMANIA, Dr. Doina NIKOLAE, Remote Sensing DepartmentNational Institute of R&D for Optoelectronics [Presentation]
2.5 Integrating aerosol observations and atmospheric-dust models: A way to further improve regional weather forecasts, SERBIA, Dr. Slobodan NICKOVIC, WMO [Presentation]
2.6 Experiences from EO-related projects in the Balkan region, SERBIA, Boris ANTIC, Assistant Professor, University of NOVISAD [Presentation]
Plenary Session II: North Africa EO Networks & Infrastructures, EO based Societal Services, Chair: Mr. Giovanni Rum, Rapporteur: Dr. S. Solomos
3.1 ARCE Networking Activities and EO Capacities in Algeria,ALGERIA, Dr. Sahabi Abed SALAH, Association of Research on the Climate and the Environment (ARCE) [Presentation]
 3.2 Different earth observation possibilities in Egypt: case studies, EGYPT, Hesham EL-ASKARY, Associate Professor of Remote Sensing and Earth System Sciences, Chapman University Not Available
 3.3 Technologies of EO: An asset to support the socio-economic development of Morocco, MOROCCO, Kamal LABBASSI, Professor, Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco [Presentation]
Plenary Session III: Middle East EO Networks & Infrastructures, EO based Societal Services, Chair: Dr. Ivan Petitville, Rapporteur: Dr. E. Keramitsoglou
 4.1 Survey of observational infrastructure in Cyprus,CYPRUS, Dr. Silas MICHAELIDES, Director of the Cyprus Department of Meteorology [Presentation]
 4.2 The Isreael GEO Activities, ISRAEL, Eyal Ben DOR, Professor, Remote Sensing Laboratory Head: Department of Geography and Human Environment, Tel Aviv University [Presentation]
 4.3 Integrating Earth Observation Data and Services in RISICO system to improve the prediction of wildland fire in Lebanon, LEBANON, Dr. Paolo FIORUCCI, CIMA Foundation [Presentation]
 4.4 Novel Infrastructure and Data Collection Facility at the Space and Remote Sensing Lab, SAUDI ARABIA, Ashraf FARAHAT, Assistant Professor of PhysicsKing Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia [Presentation]
Plenary Session IV: From National Aspects to Regional Perspectives, Chair:Michael Berger
5.1 Introductory Statement by the European Space Agency, Ivan PETITEVILLE, Directorate of EO Programmes [Presentation]
5.2 Earth Observation in the Balkans & the Eastern Mediterranean.i-BEC’s initiatives for coordination and integration of EO data through GEO,Interbalkan Environment Center, Prof. Georgios ZALIDIS, GEO Principal [Presentation]
5.3 WIS - DCPC / WIGOS Marine Meteorological Centre for Adriatic - from Need to Action by MSc. Ivan Cacic, GEO Principal, President of RA VI and Director of Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) of Croatia and Dr Kreso Pandzic, Deputy Director of DHMZ" [Presentation]
5.4 The EuroGeoSurveys Earth Observation / GEO Activities by Gerardo Herrera, Chair of Earth Observation and Geohazards Expert Group, EGS Eleftheria Poyiadji, Deputy Chair on Geohazards of Earth Observation and Geohazards Expert Group, EGS Patrick Wall, Scientific Policy Officer EGS Dr Marianthi Stefouli EO, EKBAA/IGME [Presentation]
5.5 FireHub - NOA EO- based Fire Related Service -A regional Perspective, Dr. Charalabos (Harris) KONTOES


[FireHub Video]

Reports from Sessions - Review of Commonalities, Overlaps and Gaps - Needs for Coordination, Chair: Prof. G. Zalidis
RI Report from Session I [Presentation]
RII Report from Session II [Presentation]
RIII Report from Session III [Presentation]