The ‘EXCELSIOR’ H2020 Teaming Project  Consortium and the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence (ECoE) organise the First Virtual International Workshop on ‘Space Operations and Environmental Monitoring in Cyprus’. This Workshop is a part of the annual workshops that will be organized on a yearly basis, with the participation of all national, EMMENA and international stakeholders and addressing all the different activities of the ECoE, i.e., infrastructure, research, education and innovation through entrepreneurship. This Workshop has been planned and initially scheduled to coincide with the Annual International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geo-information of Environment/RSCy2020, however due to COVID-19 this workshop has been postponed. 

Our aim for the series of all the proposed annual workshops is to interact with existing and new stakeholders,  strengthening the regional links, invest in the continuous interaction with the strategic user segments of ECoE and sustaining long-lasting relationships and partnerships in the region.

The main aim of the First Virtual International workshop is the following:

The Participants to come across with the plans and prospects of EXCELSIOR related infrastructure for space operations, monitoring and environmental research and how these can be used for the projects and challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The agenda is available at


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