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ONE step BEYOND Workshop, ESA - Frascati,Italy
15 OCTOBER 2015 / Magellan Meeting Room, Building 1 in ESRIN
Plenary Session I: Introductory Statements - Welcome
Chair: Haris Kontoes & Vassilis Amiridis
1.1 Welcome by Haris Kontoes, BEYOND Project Manager [Presentation]
1.2 Phillipe Bally- ESA, Science, Applications and Future Technologies Department
The EO Programme of the European Space Agency: satellite EO to support Disaster Risk Management


1.3 Luc St-Pierre, Programme Coordinator UN-SPIDER,
The approach of UN-SPIDER in assisting nations in implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
1.4 Peter Zeil, DG Enterprise and Industry, Copernicus Services, G2
Beyond Europe – Copernicus and GMES & Africa
1.5 Michael Rast, ESA - (GEO)
GEO - Coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth Observations - International cooperation in the area of Disaters
Not Available
1.6 Welcome address by Ralitsa Atanasova -EC, DG Research & Innovation,
B5 - Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation
Not Available
Plenary Session II: BEYOND Thematic Pillars: Products & Services
Chair: Eleni Christia
2.0 Keynote speech: Haris Kontoes, NOA, BEYOND Project Manager,
BEYOND products and Services. The FIREHUB Service
[The FIREHUB Service - Video Presentation],
[Fire Smoke Dispersion Service - Video Presentation]
2.1 Vassilis Amiridis, NOA, BEYOND Atmospheric Services [Presentation]
2.2 Iphigenia Keramitsoglou, NOA, Monitoring the urban thermal environment [Presentation]
2.3 Ioannis Papoutsis, NOA, Spaceborne and airborne geohazard monitoring [Presentation]
2.4 Georgios Balasis, NOA, Monitoring electromagnetic signals related to earthquakes with satellites and ground-based magnetometer arrays [Presentation]
2.5 Alexia Tsouni, NOA, BEYOND Floods monitoring [Presentation],
[The FloodsHub Service - Video Presentation]
Plenary Session III: BEYOND Impact, Exploitation & Communication Activities
Chair: Iphigenia Keramitsoglou
3.0 Keynote speech: Mohammad Z. Al-Hamdan, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
USRA/National Space Science and Technology Center
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center,
Environmental Public Health Applications Using Remotely Sensed Data
3.1 Elise Hendriks, Leiden Observatory, ISPEX campaign, ISPEX-EU: European citizens measure air pollution with their smartphone [Presentation]
3.2 Stefano Salvi, GSNL/INGV, Synergies between BEYOND and the GEO Geohazard Supersites initiative [Presentation]
3.3 Ioannis Papoutsis, NOA, Exploitation of BEYOND capacities [Presentation]
3.4 Zisoula Ntasiou, UCOC/HFC, Fire Monitoring Service based on MSG SEVIRI in U.C.O.C. of H.F.C. [Presentation]
3.5 Triphon Daskalakis, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Fire Brigade and Forest Fires [Presentation]
3.6 Konstantina Nika, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Special Secretariat for Water
The assessment and the management of flood risk in Greece
3.7 Evangelos Gerasopoulos,Head and Quality Manager of the Atmospheric Chemistry Lab, NOA
End Users: An industrial accident case study
Plenary Session IV: BEYOND Infrastructure & Cal/Val Activities: A regional Perspective
Chair: Georgios Balasis
4.0 Keynote speech: Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Greek GEO Office Director, NOA,
Beyond BEYOND: Regional follow up activities
4.1 Doina Nicolae, INOE, The MULTIPLY project (BEYOND collaboration)
Advancement of the technology for Cal/Val activities: the airborne multiwavelength High Spectral Resolution Lidar MULTIPLY
4.2 Rodanthi-Elisavet Mamouri, Cyprus University of Technology,
Optimization of BEYOND Atmospheric Services over Eastern Mediterranean
4.3 Vassilis Amiridis, NOA, BEYOND ground-based remote sensors and cal/val activities [Presentation]
4.4 Haris KONTOES, NOA, BEYOND Project Manager,
The Hellenic National Sentinel Data Hub & CollGS initiatives