Project Management

The leader of this WP is Dr. Charalabos (Haris) KONTOES, Research Director of IAASARS/NOA. The responsibilities of the leader of the management work package will be:
  • Coordinate the project’s execution;
  • Organise the project's resources and control the project's budget;
  • Organise the KO, Annual and Final Meetings of BEYOND (MS1, MS6, MS10), 
  • Use internal reporting procedures for monitor the project's progress and tasks activities;
  • Organise internal meetings necessary for the best execution of the Tasks;
  • Liaise with partnering organisations and end users;
  • Provide an effective cooperation with the members of the Steering Committee and the External Advisory Board;
  • Ensure timely and proper submission of project deliverables and reports to the Commission;
  • Define the quality assurance plan for deliverables;
  • Monitor the progress of the project towards capacity building; and
  • (Establish collaboration with other projects of similar and complementary fields.