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The BEYOND project for establishing a Centre of Excellence for Earth Observation based monitoring of Natural Disasters in south-eastern Europe (http://beyond-eocenter.eu/) has reached its end. A final workshop of the project is scheduled to take place on May 17th, 2016, at Electra Palace, Athens.

BEYOND Final Workshop

Further information can be found in the agenda for the workshop below.



BEYOND Final Workshop Agenda (en)
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The workshop will refer to the project's achievements concerning the DRR services delivered in BEYOND, in support to EMS Copernicus, GEO, GEOSS, and UN-SPIDER. It will provide concrete examples of recognized societal benefit applications and services, relating to risk modelling and disaster information products delivery, in a broad spectrum of natural and human induced disasters, namely the meteorological hazards (fires, floods, heatwaves), the geo-hazards (volcanoes, landslides, and earthquakes) and the atmospheric pollution and air quality hazards (smoke and toxic gasses dispersion). The workshop participants will be informed on the deployed space based and in-situ monitoring infrastructures to support the environmental observation, emergency response, and disaster risk reduction procedures. Finally, the future of the activities in the meta-BEYOND time as secured through the relevant on-going projects will be presented. The workshop will also offer the opportunity to the representatives of the key End Users, who are receiving the BEYOND services, to present their opinion and provide their views for further developments in the meta-BEYOND period.

Please register until Sunday 15/05/2016 at http://bit.ly/1SUafxP where you can find more info about the workshop.