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Activity: 4.1

Unlocking and developing the research potential of research entities established in the EU’s Convergence regions and Outermost regions.

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Integration of research entities from the EU’s Convergence and Outermost regions in the ERA and enhancement of their innovation potential.

Project GA number: 316210

Total Budget: 2305650 €

Duration: 3 years (2013-2016)


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Deliverable Number 4.3.1

Number Title WP Nature D.Level D.Month D.Date
D4.31 D4.3.1 - BEYOND Newsletter (electronic), No I 4 R PU 6M 2013-11-30


Deliverable D4.3.1: BEYOND Newsletter electronic No I
Size : 3.35 mo

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Deliverable document Empty This deliverable was submitted on time. 2013-11-29

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