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The BEYOND Center of Excellence as a national infrastructure for the management of natural disasters using satellite remote sensing
BEYOND Final Workshop - Athens,Greece
17 May 2016 | Ball Room I, Electra Palace Hotel
Introductory Statements - Welcome
1.1 Welcome by Prof. Vassilis Harmandaris, President of IAASARS/NOA Not Available
1.2 Welcome by Dr. Harris Kontoes, ΝΟΑ, BEYOND Project Manager
The European Centre of Excellence BEYOND for Earth Observation based monitoring of Natural Disasters in South-Eastern Europe


1.3 Welcome by Representative of Political Leadership - Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Not Available
Session I: BEYOND Thematic Pillars: Products & Services
2.1 Keynote speech: Haris Kontoes, NOA, BEYOND Project Manager,
BEYOND Products and Services. The awarded FIREHUB Service
[The FIREHUB Service - Video Presentation],
[Fire Smoke Dispersion Service - Video Presentation]
2.2 Zisoula Ntasiou, Fire Service Headquarters, UCOC/HFC,
Fire Monitoring Service based on MSG SEVIRI in U.C.O.C. of H.F.C.
2.3 Mr. Vassilis Tsironis, NOA
DisasterHUB - Natural disasters monitoring through mobile devices
2.4 Vassilis Amiridis, NOA,
BEYOND Atmospheric Services
2.5 Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Head and Quality Manager of the Atmospheric Chemistry Lab, NOA
Assessing air pollution caused by fire at the recycling plant facilities in Aspropyrgos
2.6 Ms. Argyro Paraskeuopoulou, Attica Perfecture, Head of Environmental Department
Attica Perfecture: Assessing air pollution caused by fire at the recycling plant facilities in Aspropyrgos
2.7 Ioannis Papoutsis, NOA,
Spaceborne and airborne geohazard monitoring - BEYOND GeoHUB
2.8 Ms. Eleftheria Poyiadji, IGME,
a) Memorandum between NOA BEYOND and IGME,
b) Landslides monitoring at national scale
2.9 Iphigenia Keramitsoglou, NOA, Monitoring the urban thermal environment [Presentation]
2.10 Ms. Eleni Myrivili, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Athens Council-member
Reduction of temperatures in the region of Athens
2.11 Alexia Tsouni, NOA,
Floods monitoring at national scale - FloodHUB service
[The FloodsHub Service - Video Presentation]
2.12 Athanasia Pardali, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Special Secretariat for Water
Space applications in the service of compliance with the European Floods Directive
2.13 Georgios Balasis, NOA,
Monitoring electromagnetic signals related to earthquakes with satellites and ground-based magnetometer arrays
Session II: BEYOND Impact, Exploitation & Communication Activities
3.1 Dr. Harris Kontoes, NOA,
ESA Mirror Site of Collaborative Ground Segment at NOA
3.2 Ioannis Papoutsis, NOA,
Copernicus EMS - Multihazard Risk & Recovery
3.3 Evangelos Gerasopoulos, NOA,
GEO-CRADLE - Integrating North African, Middle East and Balkan Earth Observation capacities in GEOSS