XPetalaHead of Information Systems

Mrs. Christina Petala received her Diploma in Computer Science from the Department of “Digital Systems” at the University of Piraeus in 2005 and her master’s degree at “Engineering of pervasive computing systems MSc”, at the Hellenic Open University, in 2015

She has worked from 2005 to 2015 as ΙΤ professor/ IT support Engineer, in public and private educational institutions. Today, she works as a research associate on contract at the National Observatory of Athens and her current position is Head of Information Systems/ IT Specialist.

Main responsibilities:

  • Installation and Administration of high performance computer systems (Server Clusters, Power Servers, Disk Arrays) and satellite data acquisition infrastructure.
    • Administration of Linux & Windows Servers.
    • Virtualization (KVM, VirtualBox, VMware).
    • Security & Performance Monitoring (firewall rules, monitoring through Splunk, New Relic etc).
  • Administrator of NOA’s satellite ground station for the reception, acquisition, and processing of satellite data. 
  • Ensuring the good functioning and impartial operation of the company services.
  • Evaluating the computer and technological needs of the organization.
  • Problem solving - troubleshooting, finding the source and extent of the problem, and taking the necessary steps to resolve it.

Supporting users to everyday tasks.