Post-doctoral Researcher | Environmental Physics & Solar Energy

Panagiotis Kosmopoulos (PK) was born in Athens, Greece, in 1985. He received his B.Sc. in Geology and M.Sc. in Environmental Physics from the University of Athens and holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. PK has a 14 year professional experience as a research scientist and as a postdoctoral researcher at national and international research institutes and universities (e.g. PMOD/WRC).


He has participated in 8 EU-funded competitive projects (e.g. GEO-CRADLE, E-SHAPE) as research assistant and was granted by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology action inDust to perform the Short-Term Scientific Mission entitled ''Finding''. PK has more than 100 publications and 1300 citations in international journals and conferences (h-index 18), is reviewer of 20 highly ranked scientific journals and editor in a special issue of the Remote Sensing journal. He is the developer of the Solar Energy Nowcasting System (SENSE) which was applied to various renewable energy authorities and handling entities. He also deals with solar atlas and renewable energy business plan development, solar system performance estimations and smart grids. PK is an expert on radiative transfer model simulations for solar power and energy estimations, field campaigns, aerosol and cloud research. Finally, he exploits Earth Observation data (satellite, in-situ and modeled) for a variety of solar energy applications (http://solea.gr/).